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Mainroad is Hiring Now!

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511 Alberta Road Reports

We’re Hiring Now!


Thank YOU for taking the time to write us and share feedback!

Mainroad Group employees are recognized and appreciated by customers, stakeholders, residents and the driving public and every month, we recognize them as part of the President’s monthly message.  To contact or write to a Mainroad Group company, please visit our company web pages for contact information.  You may also direct feedback to [email protected].

“I just wanted to pass along an overdue ‘Thank You’ for keeping the shoulders so spotless and sparkling, at all times, but especially during these trying times, as cycling maybe some people’s only form of healthy outdoor exercise. I rode some shoulders on BC Highway 19 and 19A recently and was floored with just how clean they were! If you could pass along to Leon and the staff to keep up the absolutely phenomenal work, that’d be much appreciated. Thank you kindly for your time! “


“This isn’t a complaint, it’s a big thank you! I live at Highway 3 and Bate Ave in Elko, BC, so we see every truck from Mainroad entering and exiting. Your drivers are never speeding always a wave and a smile. There are people that live in Elk that always complain and are always are unhappy and so they sometimes take it out on Mainroad drivers. Pay that no attention to them, they just want attention. I just wanted to drop a line to say Thank You from all the good people from Elko!”


“Just a quick note to thank one of your employees who stopped on the side of the Mary Hill Bypass on Friday, Jan 10 to see if I needed help. My passenger and I had experienced a flat tire and were pulled off the road awaiting a family member to show up. It was pouring rain and freezing and big rigs were whizzing by so close. We were so appreciative to have someone stop and just check on us. He put on his flashing lights which slowed traffic and just generally made us more visible. We thank him for stopping and told him someone was coming to help us. We don’t do that often enough for each other so I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you!”


“I would like to thank you and you team (Mainroad Mid-Island Contracting) for the BEST road maintenance and prep I have seen in years! I have seen a profound difference that your crew has made in simply preparing for winter, and the pothole fixing in our community is AWESOME. Again, thank you for your well-planned execution of your crew, and your dedication to public safety.”


You and your group are great to work with —very professional and helpful. Everyone involved did an awesome job! Thank you for all your help on this project, as well as working with us and our client through any changes requested. You were a huge help working through the process. Thank you.”


I just wanted to make sure all the guys and gals on Vancouver Island that work for Mainroad got a huge THANK YOU from me. I travel the Island everyday for cancer treatment and the highways have been maintained better than I’ve ever seen them. It’s been smooth sailing through the latest storms and if it wasn’t for the crews…well who knows! I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to get to my appointments, life saving! Stay safe and keep up the amazing work!


“I commute daily from Comox to Campbell River for work. I am a die-hard motorcyclist and still ride most days. I am impressed with your crews work in maintaining Hwy 19A and I continue to have the confidence that the roads are safe(r) with the brine applied (other than having to wash my bike off every few days). Keep up the great work!”


“Yesterday your sweep truck came through Youbou. Your crew did a FANTASTIC job. I don’t think I have ever seen the area from the Shop and Save store to the crosswalk so clean! Please pass on our thanks and appreciation for an excellent job.”


Just wanted to give a big thank you to one of your highway patrol drivers, Jay Fisher. I unfortunately ran out of gas last night on the #1 Highway and he graciously supplied me with some to get to the gas station. The great work and professionalism made my night happen. Thanks again.


“When I had a flat on Highway 1 today, Stan was super helpful and supportive in changing my tire. I am very appreciative of what he did for me in my situation. He is a great representative of the Mainroad Group.”


“I live on Chain Way in Nanoose Bay, close to Notch Hill. The snow-clearing operations this winter have been superb! In previous years, we have waited many days after a snowfall for something to happen. This year the response has been immediate and very effective. Please pass on my thanks.”