Media Fact Sheet | Mainroad Howe Sound Contracting

Company Summary/Business Overview


Mainroad Howe Sound Contracting LP is headquartered in Burnaby with supporting facilities located at the Lions Gate Bridge and Pemberton. The Howe Sound crews are experts in their fields of road and bridge operations. Mainroad Howe Sound also contracts out its services for special projects and to private contractors.

Mainroad Howe Sound Contracting is responsible for the maintenance of British Columbia’s Howe Sound-located provincial highways and roads including:

  • Highway 1: Cassiar Tunnel to Horseshoe Bay
  • Highway 99: Whistler to Duffy Lake
  • Pemberton Meadows Road
  • Pemberton Portage Road to D’Arcy

Mainroad is not responsible for plowing within municipal boundaries.

Mainroad Howe Sound Contracting’s office is located in Burnaby, British Columbia with three supporting maintenance yards in the following locations:

  • Burnaby
  • West Vancouver
  • Pemberton
  • with additional winter materials storage at Rutherford Creek and Duffy Lake.

Mainroad Howe Sound Contracting is a division of the Mainroad Group, a 100% employee owned company recognized as a leader in providing safe and reliable road maintenance, products, and construction services for civil infrastructure works and commercial building projects.

Service Area

Howe Sound Service Area: 817 lane kilometers including 202 structures (e.g. bridges, retaining walls, culverts, and sign structures), and a wide array of signage ranging from a single face on a post to a face on a sign bridge spanning multiple lanes.

Maintenance Activities

  • pavement patching and rehabilitation
  • bridge deck and structural repairs
  • sign installation, cleaning and replacement
  • culvert repairs and replacement
  • drainage control
  • mowing of vegetation
  • roadside fence repairs
  • gravel road maintenance and dust control


Mainroad completes a multitude of projects on behalf of the MoTI and others, projects have included;

  • Traffic control for the initial Pemberton Music Festival
  • Whistler Olympic signage installation
  • Multi plate pipe replacement on Hwy 99 through Mt Currie
  • Joint replacement on the Lions Gate Bridge


  • In 2016, Mainroad Howe Sound Contracting received Premiers’ Award for Innovation/Organizational Excellence;
  • Mainroad Howe Sound Contracting placed in the top three for the 2009 Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Deputy Minister Contracting Awards for performance excellence.


Mainroad Howe Sound Contracting LP adheres to:

  • ISO 9001:2008 – Quality management system
  • ISO 14001:2004 – Environmental management system
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 – Occupational Health and Safety


  • Mainroad Howe Sound Contracting is COR certified by the BC Construction Safety Alliance.

Management Team

General Manager: Darren Ell
Operations Manager: Bob Devaney

Contact Information Report road concerns to 24 hour toll free hotline number: 1-866-904-0209
Office Address:
2555 Gilmore Avenue
Burnaby, BC V5C 4T6
Tel: 604-433-3002
Social Media: Twitter @MainroadHSound

Media Contact

Niki Taylor, Communications Specialist
Mainroad Group Communications
17474 56th Avenue
Surrey, BC V3S 1C3
604-575-7032 |