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Mainroad Group employees are recognized and appreciated by customers, stakeholders, residents and the driving public and every month, we recognize them as part of the President’s monthly message.  To contact or write to a Mainroad Group company, please visit our company web pages for contact information.  You may also direct feedback to

I wanted to pass on a huge thank you to Richard of SPR Traffic Services.  Our car blew a tire on Friday afternoon (about 1:15 PM) on Highway #1 on our way out of Vancouver for the long weekend. We were two women and 4 year old child in the car. We knew nothing about changing tires or if our spare tire was sufficient for highway travel.

While we were on the phone to Roadside Assistance, we saw a guy walking down the side of the highway towards us in a fluorescent vest. He was such a welcome surprise and an absolute gift. Richard was extremely polite and professional. He was dealing with two other vehicles. He told us he could assist us but would need to help the other vehicles first and would be back as soon as he could. We knew that even if he was 1.5 hours it would likely be much longer for Roadside Assistance. He returned shortly after with his vehicle and tools and quickly changed our spare tire (which he assured us was safe for highway driving) and had us on our way.

Richard was beyond pleasant to deal with and very professional. We tried to give him a $ tip but he insisted he could not take it. We asked for an email address for someone we could thank for his service and he provided your name.

I can’t stress how excellent this roadside service is. It would have been a very stressful and difficult wait at the side of the road in high heat and busy, noisy traffic.  Richard was exemplary in everything he did. He was polite, helpful, kind and extremely efficient in how quickly he fixed our tire. He then backed up his truck to divert traffic so we could get back on the highway which I do not think would have been possible otherwise.

I am not sure what else to say other than Thank You and that you have a very good representative of your company and the Provincial Government in Richard.


On Wednesday the 5th April I was on my way to start my shift at work when I hit something on Stoney Trail heading north just prior to 114th Ave. The item bounced underneath the car and the slashed the tire wall of my rear tire causing it to puncture at a high rate of knots. It was in the early hours and the traffic was light but I am always apprehensive with traffic passing by. As I was trying to get the wheel off, one of your team members (Jeff) turned up and parked behind me. He then exited his vehicle and I explained that the wheel wouldn’t come off.

Jeff helped me with trying to turn the wheel, then he applied some liquid wrench and finally with a large metal bar and some extra effort on my part we got the wheel off and I was on my way.

I appreciate that this may not seem above and beyond what you expect but he saved me a tow truck, allowed me to get to work, and allowed the night shift to go home. He made me feel alot safer standing out on that highway.

I would like you to pass on my thanks to Jeff. He really is a credit to the team you have.


Today, having just cross over the Port Mann Bridge, heading East I must have driven over something, the result was a flat tire. As I was preparing to try to change the tire, an angel in the form of a yellow truck and a helpful driver came to my assistance, took over the tire changing, installed the replacement tire, made certain it contained adequate quantity of air and sent me on my way.

I just want to say Thank You, most helpful and appreciated.


I am writing to say a great BIG thanks for the services that Mainroad employees provide to the public. I had a flat tire near the Kensington Exit last week, my second experience on the freeway in less than 2 years. A flat tire is annoying but being trapped in your vehicle on the side of the freeway while waiting for help is frightening and dangerous!

The Mainroad truck stopped within minutes after I had pulled over, in fact before I had time to call a towing company. I had no idea that help had arrived. After Darrell confirmed that I had a spare, I was instantly relieved when he said, I’ll change your tire. I have learned from this experience that the service provided by your hardworking employees, is the best kept secret. I can’t thank you enough for responding that day and your effort to get me off the freeway and on my way to work with such speed. You folks do a great job and I really appreciated your help.

Darrell, a special thanks to you and thank you to all the employees at Mainroad for your dedication to keeping citizens safe on our highways. I have shared my story and “exposed” your best kept secret so that others will benefit from your services. Keep up the good work!


This message is of gratitude! To the crew on the Yahk/Moyie road maintenance crew, we want to express our thanks to you for the exceptional job you’ve done this winter. We have to navigate a very steep grade on Monroe lake road and in years gone past there were times residents could not get to their homes unless they had four wheel drive. Not only has the Yahk crew maintained our road by plowing it in a timely fashion, they have ensured the snow is plowed back wide enough for two vehicles to pass. The hill is a dangerous place to meet other traffic if there’s not enough room to navigate. We seldom have to travel on the steep portion of Monroe lake road with fear of sliding over the embankment since this crew ensures sand is down in icy conditions.

The Yahk crew not only takes care to go the extra way past the transfer station turnoff, but also makes a pass up the residential area on the very narrow road with only one way in and one way out.

I believe this crew has set the standard for what “excellent road maintenance” looks like when taking care of the public outside of the main highways.

We understand that highways are a first priority, but have been pleasantly surprised at such efficient delivery of service from this crew!

On behalf of residents of Monroe Lake, Thank you!

Don & Linda

Hi, I am sending this e-mail to let you know about an encounter I had with one of your plow drivers today (Sun Jan 8).

My van over heated on 84th street, not too far from your shop. In my panic to get it off the road, I ended up in the ditch. Your plow driver Francis was nice enough to stop and see if I needed help. He helped me fill up my coolant and radiator. He stuck around when another gentleman stopped and proceeded to help him tow me out of the ditch. He offered for my son and myself to sit in his cab if we were getting cold.

I would just like to commend him for taking the time out of his busy work day to assist me. If there were more people like Francis around, the world would be a better place. Thank you.