Information Technology

The IT Department is responsible for the management of the technological infrastructure for the company. The IT career stream at Mainroad Group provides specialized services in servers, network management, internet service, emails, phones, and mobile devices.

Below is the employee structure within our Information Technology team. Hover your mouse or tap on the job titles below to read a brief overview of each role.

​The Secretary-Treasurer for the Mainroad Group is responsible for the fiscal health, stability and security of the company. The Secretary-Treasurer provides financial analysis, statements, and related reports to management and owners of the company to evaluate the performance and financial condition of the company.
​The IT/IS Manager is responsible for the coordination of the IT department functions and infrastructure plans. The IT/IS Manager will manage a group of technicians and is responsible for directing, planning, organizing and implementing all IT/IS activities to support the company's business objectives.
​The IT Systems Administrator is responsible for managing existing IT systems as well as testing and deploying new systems and services. The IT Systems Administrator manages a group of 2-5 technicians, as well as IT vendors, and service providers.
​The IT Helpdesk Technician initiates, executes and supports the role and activities of Mainroad's Information Technology (IT) Department in the areas of: Investigating and resolving desktop hardware and software client trouble calls, creating problem tickets or service requests, installing, and much more.
The Software Developer initiates, executes and supports the role and activities of Mainroad’s Information Systems (IS) Department in the areas of: writing, modifying and debugging in-house software for client applications along with, testing and documenting software for client applications.
The Technical Support Specialist (TSS) provides the installation and IT support for all computer hardware, software and networks for Mainroad's operating companies. The TSS administers Mainroad's IT Help Desk functions along with the IT/IS Manager.

Current Opportunities in Information Technology at Mainroad:

I’m so grateful for my work-term at Mainroad Group.  I came into the company looking to explore a potential career path to pursue but I got so much more than that. I had the opportunity to work on projects that helped me reach my academic goals, collaborate with other employees, and meet amazing people. I’m very sad to leave, but I’m taking such valuable skills with me!


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