Distracted Driving Penalties

Every second matters while driving. Leave your phone alone.

If you’re looking at your phone, you can’t see the road. Whether you’re reading emails or taking a call without a hands-free system, using an electronic device behind the wheel is a dangerous distraction. When you use a phone while driving, you increase the likelihood of getting into a crash by five times – that’s five times the risk of hurting…

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Please don’t drive and tweet your sweetie | DRIVE SAFE!

ICBC | Talking, texting or tweeting—we can now communicate with friends and family at any moment, even on the road. But this ability to connect can easily distract us from the task at hand, with sometimes serious consequences. On Valentine’s Day, Mainroad will be promoting a Don’t Text Campaign.   Electronic  message boards situated on Highway 10 and  Highway  99…

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