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Drive BC
511 Alberta Road Reports

We’re Hiring Now!

Mainroad Kudos

“My family and I were pulling out tent trailer along Highway 17A this morning when one of its tires blew apart. One of your drivers heading the other way spotted us and turned around to help. He was super helpful and swapped out the tire with our spare in no time flat (pardon the bad joke)! He also gave us some great advice on tires and trailers and some helpful suggestions as to where we could find a spare before getting back on the road. I didn’t get his name but many thanks for the help!”


“I would like to share an act of kindness that came directly from Julie Brown. At this time, I am the campground attendant for the Village of Gold River Campground —maintaining this small and simple facility to the best of my ability. Our Village is small with minimal equipment to maintain the roadway through the campsite. For the last few years, it has been in need of some TLC as the potholes were large and folks towing trailers had to be careful. After a brief meeting with Ms. Brown, she suggested that she might have a truck that could smooth out the roadbed. Within a few hours I found out that a truck with a grader tool underneath had been by and treated us to a fantastically smooth road service. What a great gesture of community kindness via Julie! “


Our family had the unfortunate luck of hitting a deer on the highway just outside of southeast Calgary. It was a pretty significant collision and police and Jamie G. from your company attended the scene. I just wanted to send out a big Thank You to Jamie. He went above and beyond the call of duty and assisted us through a very difficult time. He was very helpful, reassuring, and even drove myself and my to kids to the collision centre where our truck had been towed. Please pass on our gratitude to Jamie. 


I live on Gomerich Road in South Nanaimo and I want to say thank you so much for plowing our narrow road.  I could never understand why Plecas Road got plowed and we were never plowed for two to three days later. Our road is very narrow and becomes a one lane road when it snows and there is little room to pull over. Again, thank you so much! Greatly appreciated! Keep up the good work!


I would like to send a special thank you to one of your staff, and organization, for amazing job you do. Special thanks to Gilles Levesque for stopping at a busy highway to insure public safety. Thank you for all you do. 


“I cannot thank you enough for making my road (NW Bay Road and McDivitt Road) safer. Thank you, thank you!!! It looks great.”


“I would like to commend Jay, one of your highway responders. We had a load securement issue with one of our trucks on the evening of October 24. He provided us with a safe area to fix the situation. Jay’s attitude and commitment to our safety was greatly appreciated! Without his help we would not have been able to rectify our situation as efficiently.”


“I got in an accident on Stoney Trail last week and a man by the name of Gilles Levesque helped me incredibly! It was the first accident I was ever involved in and he was such a help in making sure everyone was safe. I want to make sure you guys knew what a great job he was doing”


“Well done! Perfect timing for brushing and clearing the shoulders on Elford/Treit Road! Much appreciated! The kids will be safer for Halloween!”


“Thank you for grading the road today. Your quick response is very much welcomed.  The person grading the roads today did a superior job, considering the road he has to work with.”

Liz & Jeff

“Today, having just cross over the Port Mann Bridge heading east, I must have driven over something resulting in a flat tire. As I was preparing to try to change the tire, an angel in the form of a yellow truck and a helpful driver came to my assistance, took over the tire changing, installed the replacement tire, made certain it contained adequate quantity of air, and sent me on my way. I just want to say Thank You, most helpful and appreciated.”


“I broke down today on Glenmore trail. One of your guys, Kyle, arrived before any emergency vehicles, was super nice and helpful, and then followed me home to make sure I got back okay. I wanted to give him kudos because he wouldn’t accept any payment.”


“I want everyone at Mainroad to know how much we appreciated the help we got from James Hiebert (Jamie) on July 11th when we broke down on the Deerfoot just outside of Cochrane. We were returning from a camping trip on our way to Edmonton pulling a LQ horse trailer with 2 horses on board. Jamie went out of his way to help us get our trailer and horses to a safe place. We can’t thank him enough.”


“I wanted to thank Orlando who helped me a couple of Fridays ago as my SUV tire blew on the freeway. He was so awesome and patient replacing my blown tire with the spare. I was waiting for a tow truck but they said it will be an hour but thank God Orlando came by. It was scary stranded out by the HOV lane.”


“I would like say Thank You so much to Jamie for helping me today in Stoney Trail when I had a flat tire. He saved me; he is such a Good Samaritan as he pulled over the road when he saw me pulling over beside the highway. Thank you so much for helping me changing my tire. Such a very nice person. With much appreciation.”


“I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I had a flat tire on Tuesday on the side of the highway and John stopped to make sure I was okay. He stayed with me to ensure my safety and helped me change my tire. That was really unexpected, and I really appreciated his concern for my safety. You guys rock!!!”


“I would like to offer my sincere thanks to the Shawnigan Lake Mainroad employees who recently repaved a section of Elford Rd. This piece of road is part of my daily driving route and to have it repaired is truly appreciated.In a world where thanks doesn’t happen often enough, I thought your employees might appreciate this small token so THANKS again and have a great summer.”


“I just want to thank Mr. Ronald Cook for helping me today at the side of the road on Highway 17 east of 104th when a truck dropped a 4x4x8 piece of timber in front of my car and my tire went flat. Ronald was awesome, helped me fix my car and my tire and stood guard of my car with his truck along the side of the highway. Selfless guy.Thanks a million.”


“Mainroad Chinook Contracting | Attention James Hiebert, General Manager: Just wanted to provide some positive feedback regarding the maintenance of highway 2A. I currently live in Okotoks and have had several white knuckled commutes to Calgary! I am happy to report the 2013/2014 season has been an incredible improvement from the previous year!!”


“We would like to extend a big shout out to the employee, Darryl Slater, that dealt with a situation where some idiot used a storm drain outside our home to empty their RV sewer. After reporting the incident, it was dealt with within hours. Arrangement were made to pump the crap out of the drain and thereby the stench from the crap was dealt with. Quick action and the lack of rain also prevented this mess from entering any fish bearing streams. Thank you and keep up the good work.”

Dave & Carolyn

“I wanted to send a big thank you to two of your Calgary employees. I had car trouble last evening on the South East Stoney Trail which forced me to pull onto the right side of the lane and unable to drive any further. Thankfully Alex and Rob were passing by and stopped to check on us. They immediately backed up their truck and parked behind me with their big flashing lights. As it was dark and I was traveling with my 5 year old alone this was a big security and a relief for me on the side of a busy highway! They called their boss who told them to stay there until we were safe and they periodically checked on us to make sure we were able to get help on the way. Please thank them again for us, I appreciate their kindness and taking the time to keep us safe:-)”


“I just want to thank you, Joe, for presenting today. I know it clarified many things for the audience. I do have to say that following the presentation and during our round table, Mainroad received a lot of praise and was commended for its efforts and great work for our region last winter and this one so far. There was a true appreciation for the difficulty of maintaining our roads in the winter and particularly with the amount of snowfall received last year. I look forward to future opportunities to partner to promote our mutual concern for safety above all else!”


“Thank you for doing your darnedest to keep the roads clear in Cowichan Bay and all of the Island. I have just driven from Cowichan Bay to Nanaimo and back (Mercy mission to daughter at VIU – totally snowed in, running out of food and meds and no easy way to get either with her car under over 18 inches of snow, and not sure what kind of tires she has). The highway up and back today was, at times, snow covered, but I sure saw signs of your efforts to keep it cleared. Your crews are doing an awesome job! It is hard, thankless work, with long hours in sometimes frightening conditions. I am very grateful that you continue to look after us.”


“On July 11 my friends & I were on our way home to the Edmonton area after a week horseback riding in the mountains when my friends truck lost all power outside Okotoks. As we were each hauling horses this made for an unsafe situation as well was quite stressful. However, DOT James Hiebert came along. He was extremely helpful and patient as we figured out how to get the horses moved around in a safe environment. James knowing the area gave us help at a time it was truly needed! This helped lower my stress level and I was able to load all the horses in my trailer and head for home allowing my friends to just deal with getting their truck back on the road. Please pass along our many thanks to James.”


“I am sending this email to say a huge thank you to Mainroad workers Craig and Kyle for ensuring my safety while I was changing my tire on my Acura that was completely blown out on Stoney Trail Southbound after passing Glenmore and also for boosting my car. You guys were a huge help and definitely a faster response than AMA. Thank you so much!”


“I am writing to thank you for the quality of service you have provided on the North Island. I sincerely appreciate your efficient, customer service, the level of detail and accountability you have demonstrated on all projects. I have to say the amount of work I see happening in the area is impressive. Just yesterday I saw at least four significant activities all being completed. Actually, every time I’m out driving I’m impressed by the quality of work and know our stakeholders are to. Just want to let you know I appreciate all the quality work being completed on the roads and look forward to working with you guys for many more years!”


“I just want to take a moment of your time to thank the two gentlemen that were sent out to fill the potholes on our road. They were both very friendly, and did an excellent job given the conditions of the road; which are the fault of the previous contractor.

I know Mainroad has not been back servicing the Mid Island area for very long, but so far we are very impressed with the level of service. We have lived on this road, and the area, when Mainroad previously had the contract and we are glad they once again have the service contract for our community.”


“I was stopped by the side of the road in Calgary tonight and it was dark and a little snowy. I stopped to check my tires as the “low tire pressure “warning light had come on. I was stopped for about 30 seconds before one of your trucks stopped and the driver asked if everything was all right. He seemed genuinely concerned about my predicament. I let him know I was fine but thought it was great that someone actually stopped to assist as it doesn’t happen often enough in this busy city we live in. I thanked the gentlemen and he headed off and I caught his license plate. He is a good man and I think you should be proud of the way he represented your company because I was.”


“Just wanted to send a quick message to say how happy I was with your service and especially with Orlando. When my bike came off its rack on Highway 1 just west of Port Mann bridge he got there quickly and removed the hazard from the road. The next day he called me after finding my number in the carry pouch on the bike. I picked the bike up today with a bit of damage but overall not too bad. Of course I am mostly grateful no one was hurt thanks to the quick service. Orlando is very friendly and nice to deal with.”


“On Sunday, my daughter had me drive her rented moving truck. I am Embarrassed to say that we ran out of gas at the West approach of wetlands bridge beside VIT. I pulled over as far as I could however the truck was slightly over fog line. I was so relieved when Greg showed up and was able to provide some cover for us as I was able to gingerly back the truck down the slope to the widest part of the bridge flare. We were back up and running as soon as one of the moving party arrived with fuel. Thanks for a job well done. It won’t happen again, I promise.”


“I wanted to reach out and thank your Calgary Operations Team for the amazing assistance that they provided me on Tuesday, June 15th at around 8:00am. I had a tire blowout Northbound on Stoney Trail 300 meters south of the 17 Avenue SE turnoff. I was on my way to a conference so I was in my suit. Two men in a Mainroad marked company vehicle stopped to help me out. They calmed me down and took the time to change my blown tire to my spare tire. They would not provide their names, they just said “We are just doing our job” and that it was “no trouble at all”. This was very much appreciated and I want you to know that your staff has a lot of integrity and are ambassadors for your company. I hope someday someone takes the time to help them down the road.”


“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your service. Your driver Des helped my sister and I after our rear suspension blew out. He stayed with us until BCAA pulled away with our car, and we left in a friends vehicle. Des kept us calm and made sure the tow truck understood where we needed the car to go. I really appreciated his friendly demeanor and reassuring knowledge. I’m very glad that you have helped and cheerful people working for your company and its a great reflection of the service you do!”


“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your service. Your driver Des helped my sister and I after our rear suspension blew out. He stayed with us until BCAA pulled away with our car, and we left in a friends vehicle. Des kept us calm and made sure the tow truck understood where we needed the car to go. I really appreciated his friendly demeanor and reassuring knowledge. I’m very glad that you have helped and cheerful people working for your company and its a great reflection of the service you do!”


“I work with a young man with special needs who is in a wheel chair.  We were on our way to school Tuesday night and blew out a tire!  Had a flat on side of road when one of your staff took time to stop and see if we were okay.  Which I wasn’t!  I had no idea how to change a tire and because the young man I was with was so worried I had to keep calm.  The man offered to change my tire for me!  It was -8C outside and he did right there!  Such a nice guy and truly saved our night!  As waiting for any help was more than an hour away.  I know my boss said she was going to write you but he went so above and beyond doing this for me I just wanted to let you guys know!!  I offered him money and he said no.  You’re lucky to have such a good employee!
Thanks again!  He saved us.”


“Mike, I just want to extend our appreciation and thanks for the outstanding field clean up G&E Contracting did for us.  It’s amazing the job your operator did using the excavator, showing great talent turning that mess into a very neat and tidy area.  Please pass on our thanks to him.  Again, thank you and your crew for your continued support of our Fire Department.”

Gary Wilton
Fire Chief, District of North Saanich

“I work at a level 1 trauma center, the Royal Columbian Hospital, and was on emergency call this past weekend. I had to travel multiple times from Maple Ridge to RCH for a variety of emergency procedures. I just wanted to thank the road crews working hard to keep the roads as clear as possible and safe throughout this weekend. The roads at times were a little “hairy”, but considering the weather they could have been a lot worse. I sure couldn’t have made it a few times to the hospital if the salt trucks didn’t do their job and I was very happy when I could follow a plow truck along the Mary Hill to the #1 Hwy.
I assume the guys rarely get a “pat on the back” for their hard work, but they really deserve it this weekend. Thanks Guys!!”


“I am sure pleased with the new contractor. When we got a quick downpour a couple of weeks ago, they quickly did a ditching where gravel washed over the road at Bothwell/Faber. I was surprised that the company cleared the ditch and installed red cones, solving the problem. They also installed red ribbons on a dangerous ditch that I had brought to attention a year ago to the previous contractor. the potholes on my list have also been well repaired, which is amazing! Thank you for quick action on these repairs! I am the Chairman for road conditions for the Sproat Lake Community Association and have lived here for 60 years and been involved in the community. I was really pleased to see the patches done so quickly in a professional way. What a welcome surprise! It’s certainly nice to have a contractor who cares.”


“Hello. I’m not sure if I’m in contact with the right agency, but I would like to pass on a big THANK YOU! On Friday May 2, 2014 at approximately 10:00 am, my daughter was heading westbound on Highway 1 around Brunette exit, when she developed a flat tire. She called me in distress, unfortunately I was out of town and unable to assist her. My biggest concern was her safety. We had her stay put in the car and request assistance. In the meantime one of the “Construction Safety Trucks” pulled in behind to protect her. I was hoping for that, not expecting that. What I really was blown away with was when she told me this gentleman changed her tire. She said he was quick, about 5 minutes.

I can’t tell you how surprised, and relieved I was to hear this from my daughter. Thank You! This goes above and beyond, and we really appreciate this act or service.”


“Mr. Rick Gill, I would like to express my gratitude to you. You made the time to phone and listen to my concerns and somehow there was a truck sent up my road that cleared it. I live at the top of Highland Road on Galiano Island and earlier, no ambulance or fire truck or emergency services vehicles could access 5 households at the top of this hill. Mr. Shae Morgan, our regular Mainroad operator, tried 3 times to get up the hill yesterday. He managed to plow and sand all but the last 100 feet or so. He was driving a 2-ton truck that had all 6 wheels chained up. He had a plow affixed and was loaded with sand and gravel. I appreciate his efforts, but his vehicle was insufficient to plow this road, my household and my neighbours’ household were effectively marooned. Now, I feel so much safer. I was so worried about being present for school on Tuesday, (I am a teacher in our local school). I will let the Galiano crew know how much I appreciate them.”


“Hi, I am sending this e-mail to let you know about an encounter I had with one of your plow drivers today. My van over-heated on 84th Street, not too far from your shop. In my panic to get it off the road, I ended up in the ditch. Your plow driver Francis was nice enough to stop and see if I needed help. He helped me fill up my coolant and radiator. He stuck around when another gentleman stopped and proceeded to help him tow me out of the ditch. He offered for my son and myself to sit in his cab if we were getting cold. I would just like to commend him for taking the time out of his busy work day to assist me. If there were more people like Francis around, the world would be a better place. Thank you.”


“On behalf of all the residents of Hudgrove Road, I would like to thank you and your Road Maintenance crews for the outstanding services you have provided over the past year. Our road, (Hudgrove Road), has had every minor pothole repaired in a very timely fashion and has resulted in less overall maintenance over the past year. As you are aware the 90 degree turns are the most troublesome spots but your crews have obviously monitored and repaired them as soon as problems are noticed. The chip seal coating you applied a few years ago has been very successful. We all appreciate your efforts. Please pass this on to your crews.”


“Last night at 3am, my son was driving home from work and he hit black ice and his car landed very deep into a ditch. My husband and I went to go help him out, and during this time, one of your employees Alex, stop his company vehicle to block the road as we were on Deerfoot and he wanted to ensure our safety. He was incredibly helpful, not just with our safety, he also got in the ditch to help us with his shovels and chains. Another team mate Tanner also came by and helped. These two men, pushed and pulled and shovelled with us and helped my son out of the ditch. Thank you so much for your support, and most importantly that you took the time to stop and help someone in an emergency. Thank you so much!”


“To whom it may concern: On Thursday, August 21, about one o’clock in the afternoon my husband, our 11 month old son and I were travelling from the ferry to Chilliwack. We had just crossed the Port Mann Bridge and had ran over a tie strap from a semi and got a flat tire. We were in a very dangerous position and my husband was very frazzled about the situation. He immediately pulled over onto the left shoulder and out of nowhere, it seemed, pulled up Andrew in his big highway traffic control truck. My husband was so relieved to have this man in this big truck blocking the traffic protecting his wife and child. Andrew helped my husband through everything; helped calm him down, called him a tow truck when the spare wouldn’t come down, helped to eventually get the spare down and on the truck. We are truly grateful for the help and assistance Andrew provided us. He was amazing in such a scary situation for us.Thank you to Andrew sooooo much!!”


“I would just like to send an email to say thank you to all you guys who do such a fantastic job and obviously take pride in your work! We live on Kingscote in Cowichan Bay and our road is always ploughed and salted promptly and with great care. Our roads are safe to drive on thanks to your guys!

Please give them a big thank you from our family, and I am sure, all the families on Kingscote Road!”


“Thought I would drop you a line to say – your plow trucks do a great job!!! ( you probably don’t hear that enough)
As a driver who travels the highways everyday to get to work – I rely on good road conditions to get there and back home in a safe fashion. Also as a Volker Stevin plow driver wife – I do recognize the effort that your operators provide. AWESOME job guys!!!
Thanks again.”


“Just a little note to thank you and your staff for being so nice and making sure our supply needs are taken care of.  Don at the brine tank and Richard at the salt pile, they both work very hard.  Again, thank you and may the salt pile dwindle and your brine tank run dry many times this year.”

Pat O’Donahue
Got a Problem Maintenance

“We ran out of gas last week on Highway 1, and one of your guys pulled up within minutes, gave us gas, and then followed us to the nearest gas station to ensure we made it safe and sound. We had our 80 year old mother in the car, who was somewhat distressed to say the least, and although BCAA was on their way, they had estimated 45 minutes before someone could get to us. You were there so quick, and we had no idea who your company was, or the service you provide. I just want to say THANK YOU! Your driver’s wings weren’t showing but we were sure he was an angel in work boots!!!”


“We would like to go on record as expressing our sincere appreciation for the services that Shea provides to Galiano Island.

The roads and side parts of the roadways are being well maintained and in a way we have not seen before. We have, over the past several months noticed that brambles hanging on the roadways, derelict trees hugging the sides of the roads, sand and dirt debris on roadways, has been removed. All noticeably making a difference and we think it is the effort that Shea puts into his work that has brought this about. Obviously he takes pride in his work. We are the benefactors of his ‘good eye for clean roadways and his good work ethic. We believe he is working for Galiano Islanders and appreciate his efforts.”

Carolyn & Brian

“Mainroad was recognized at the 2014 Deputy Minister’s Contractor of the Year Awards

Please view letter from Deputy Minister, Grant Main for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure”

Grant Maine
Deputy Minster, MOTI

“On Thursday, April 25, 2013, we were traveling west toward Vancouver.  We had just crossed the Port Mann bridge when all of a sudden the boat trailer we were pulling came off the ball of the hitch.  It was a terrifying experience!  We slowly pulled over and lucky for us there was virtually no damage.  We were just about to try to figure out how we were going to get out of this situation when, not two  minutes later, Des, patrolling the freeway, put on his flashers and pulled up behind us.  He jumped out of his truck and went into action.  He quickly came with a floor jack and proceeded to bring up the trailer to put it back on the hitch.  If it were not for his watchful eye, I do not know how long we would have been there.  He was able to get us back on the road in less than five minutes.  What a great employee you have there!  We want to thank him again for all of his help.  Without it, we would not have been able to be on our way and the whole day would have been ruined.  Thank you, Des!”


I just wanted to thank you again this year for excellent service – although others may believe that it is never done quickly enough, I think that you and your staff again this year have performed tremendously! I live on Aspen Road where I know there are some nay-sayers but just let your staff know that many of us really appreciate your service and attention to our safety. I have seen plows/sand trucks on Monday AM, Wednesday AM and Thursday AM this week. Much appreciated.


Sending a big ‘Thank You’ to the Mainroad drivers who have responded in such a timely fashion to my calls regarding deer carcasses & garbage in the ditches along Andres Road off Jingle Pot in North Nanaimo. This has often been a messy, smelly job, and deserves our thanks and appreciation!


On Dec.18th I had driven to Bellingham to do Christmas shopping. I crossed back into Canada around 7:00/7:30-ish. I wasn’t too far on Hwy 99 when I heard a sound from engine and the temperature gauge flipped all the way to the top! I pulled over onto shoulder. Very dark at this point. I tried to be calm (I’m 77 years old!). I turned on my emergency flashers and started fumbling for my cell phone and BCAA card.

I don’t think I was there much longer than 5-10 minutes when I saw flashing lights behind me! It looked like a highway construction vehicle. I got out of my car, and then so did he. I tried to explain what had happened and he offered to look under hood for me. He was SO nice and so calming! He suggested I sit in his warm truck and call BCAA from there. He spoke to them and explained the highway location I was at ( which I had no clue about). While we waited (which may have been 30-40 minutes) I discovered what Mainroad was about. I had never heard of it, but to me that night you were a Guardian Angel!

When the tow truck arrived Mr. Fisher instructed him to pull in front of my car and then he would pull into the slow lane to divert traffic, which of course made sense. He then helped me out and walked with me to tow truck and assisted me in getting up into that vehicle! He stayed around until my car was loaded up onto the flatbed truck and we pulled away.

Even as I am writing this, I have tears because that young man was so kind, so gentle, so caring to this shaken up woman on a dark windy night. So, please thank him again on my behalf. I would love for him to be acknowledged for the wonderful human being he is. This world could use more people like him. I also learned about your service and have told many people about it. I will always carry that business card with me from now on!

Thank you for what you do!!


I just wanted to give a shout-out to Jamie Grondin. I was pulled over onto the shoulder on South Deerfoot where traffic zooms by at 110 km/hr.  My car had died, and I was waiting in for AMA to come. Jamie pulled up behind me, inquired as to my problem. He asked to look under the hood which I appreciated, and he pointed out a few things to me that may have contributed to my car problems.

He then offered for me to sit in his air-conditioned truck while I waited for AMA which I appreciated as it was extremely hot out. He also told me he was staying until AMA arrived and he also waited and provided assistance when AMA arrived in the way of being visible to traffic. I had no idea about Mainroad and what you do. This is a pretty amazing service and makes me feel more secure as I drive every day on the Deerfoot.

A big thank you to Jamie for providing safety and a sense of security for me.”


I just wanted to pass on my thanks for the excellent road maintenance around the Comox Valley this weekend. I was visiting my folks around Headquarters/Tsolum River Road and was really impressed with the road maintenance happening around there and the broader area. The conditions were varied with cold to warm temperatures and a couple of snow falls. Regardless, the roads were plowed early and brine was visible on the road when not snowing. I also traveled the Island Highway during the main snow fall and found traction was very good considering the conditions.

It’s a big change and huge improvement from the previous contractor. My aging parents are also very grateful for the maintenance improvement this year from previous years. I worked for the Ministry of Transportation for a number of years so understand road maintenance and was impressed with your diligence on the side roads, especially the lower-class roads like Tsolum River Road. Thanks again and great work – keep it up!


“I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to two of your employees for their timely assistance during what was a very stressful and potentially dangerous situation for our family.

I was driving on an overpass on Stoney Trail when my rear driver side tire ruptured. I was able to reach the main road and find temporary relief on a nearby median. While we were able to avoid direct contact with traffic on the median, we were ill advised in trying to change the tire ourselves in this still hazardous environment.

Thanks to the actions of the members of your team, who were very courteous and qualified, we were able to get to our intended destination.
We believe your company performs a very important service to  the public, and these two employees exemplify the qualities you espouse.”


In July of this year we had the misfortune of having a hay/barn fire that destroyed the structure that we had had for almost 30 years. Thankfully all of the horses and our home were not affected, except the loss of the barn. Our neighbours were beyond wonderful in their sympathy and offers of help. One of our neighbours, and an employee of your company, Greg, came to us with an offer of donated timber beams. We can’t tell you how appreciative we are of this gift that your company gave to us. My husband was beyond excited when he saw them, and he and our son-in-law happily planned out a new structure.

We did not want to be finished without a proper Thank You to you and your company for so generously helping us out in a time of need. What a fine man to have on our side. Thank you again, we will endeavour to not burn this one down 😉

Mark & Sandy

This morning I was stopped on the side of northbound Stoney Trail with a flat tire. I had called for help and was waiting in my vehicle – feeling quite nervous as the cars whizzed by! Within a few moments a Mainroad truck had pulled up behind me and your employee, Bryan Neill, offered to get started on changing the flat – and in fact he got the entire job done before my help arrived! He then helped me safely get my car off Stoney Trail.

I wanted to write to let you know how grateful I was to have someone there to assist in such a dangerously exposed location. Bryan was very kind and definitely went above and beyond – and I wanted him to be recognized for this. A not so great start to the day, was made so much better because of him. Thank you!


On July 20, 2018, a friend (Stan) and I were coming back from a great day fishing in Port Renfrew. We were involved in a single vehicle accident while returning home on the Pacific Marine Circle route.  The accident caused the boat and trailer to be a total write-off but the truck was okay, and most importantly, we were okay. Shortly after crawling out of the ditch that we had entered, we quickly surveyed each other for injuries, and to assess the situation.

One of the first people to stop and offer assistance was Amber McGinnis, from SPR Traffic Services. She asked us if we had any injuries and inquired if anyone was coming to help us out (as there is no cell service in that remote region, there is little a person can do until someone stops to assist).  After being assured we were in good health, and as others were now pulling over to help out, Amber drove off to get help via police, and ambulance.

Upon arriving back to assure us help was on the way, she took up her job as traffic control as vehicles were now approaching the scene from both sides. We didn’t realize it until afterwards that her shift had ended and was now volunteering her time.  She stayed with us until the police and ambulance attendants had finished their duties. The tow truck driver was busy removing the trailer from the truck, while the boat lay on its side, half in and out of the ditch, separated from the trailer.

Now what? We looked at each other……we felt we were in the middle of nowhere, with no ride back to Duncan. Amber generously offered to give us a ride into Duncan to my vehicle, and we loaded our personal gear, and cooler of fish (that had also survived unscathed), into her truck.

The area Stan and I had met earlier that morning was actually close to the SPR field office in Duncan, so we had a bit of time to talk with Amber.   It was obvious how passionate Amber was about her job, and in serving in her community. We thought that was obvious, after watching her professionalism in action.

Both Stan and I agreed we wanted to show our appreciation for the kindness, and the great help we had received that day. We also want to say a big thank you to SPR Traffic Services for allowing Amber to help us out in a way that was far above and beyond her call of duty.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Amber for being the person that you are, and for the help that we received from you.

Gerry & Stan

On Wednesday the 5th of April, I was on my way to start my shift at work when I hit something on Stoney Trail heading north just prior to 114th Ave. The item bounced underneath the car and the slashed the tire wall of my rear tire causing it to puncture at a high rate of knots. It was in the early hours and the traffic was light, but I am always apprehensive with traffic passing by. As I was trying to get the wheel off, one of your team members (Jeff) turned up and parked behind me. He then exited his vehicle and I explained that the wheel wouldn’t come off.

Jeff helped me with trying to turn the wheel, then he applied some liquid wrench and finally with a large metal bar and some extra effort on my part we got the wheel off and I was on my way. I appreciate that this may not seem above and beyond what you expect but he saved me a tow truck, allowed me to get to work, and allowed the night shift to go home. He made me feel a lot safer standing out on that highway.

I would like you to pass on my thanks to Jeff. He really is a credit to the team you have.


This message is of gratitude! To the crew on the Yahk/Moyie Road Maintenance Crew, we want to express our thanks to you for the exceptional job you’ve done this winter. We have to navigate a very steep grade on Monroe Lake Road and in years gone past there were times residents could not get to their homes unless they had four-wheel drive. Not only has the Yahk crew maintained our road by plowing it in a timely fashion, they have ensured the snow is plowed back wide enough for two vehicles to pass. The hill is a dangerous place to meet other traffic if there’s not enough room to navigate. We seldom have to travel on the steep portion of Monroe Lake Road with fear of sliding over the embankment since this crew ensures sand is down in icy conditions.

The Yahk crew not only takes care to go the extra way past the transfer station turnoff, but also makes a pass up the residential area on the very narrow road with only one way in and one way out.

I believe this crew has set the standard for what “excellent road maintenance” looks like when taking care of the public outside of the main highways.

We understand that highways are a first priority but have been pleasantly surprised at such efficient delivery of service from this crew!

On behalf of residents of Monroe Lake, Thank You!

Don & Linda

Big thanks for your attention to bridge deck pedestrian/bike pathway maintenance on the Hwy 22X/SE Stoney Trail Bridge in winter. Since your crew took over the road maintenance contract it has not been a problem for us near-daily-cyclist users and walkers/joggers. Prior to the Stoney Trail contract, bridge maintenance seemed to end at motor vehicle deck clearing, which entailed piling lots of ice/slush on the pedestrian walkway and forgetting about it until spring.

After one call to your manager, the “status quo ante” changed instantly and a lot of walkers and recreational, as well as commuter, cyclists have been overjoyed by your prompt snow/ice clearing. I believe that after the last pre-Christmas storm here, your loader/plow must have been on standby at the bridge in question waiting for the storm to end. The bridge approaches were cleared well before I expected, and apparently almost simultaneous with the storm end.

Keep up the good work!

Your group seems to appreciate the attention to detail. The super-fast response to my recent inquiry, by your General Manager Jamie, was another very pleasant PR experience. The additional news he conveyed that you are experimenting with diluted brine spray instead of raw salt is also good news. Aside from your reduced cost and ease of handling your salt/brine budget, it will doubtless have a big benefit for concrete and bridge railing life, as well as, most importantly, minimize corrosion on my commuter bike and less likelihood of invasive saltwater fish species surviving in the river.

Wins for everybody!


Hello, I want to send my appreciation for your driver, Darrell who stopped when I had slipped on a patch of ice, while walking my dog on Dec. 21 (Wednesday).

He spotted me flat out on the sidewalk in the snow, and offered to drop off my dog at a friend’s place, and then took me straight to Burnaby General. He got me into a wheelchair and to the front desk – all in a matter of about 20 minutes. I had broken my ankle in three places, and it required surgery to pin it all back together. I was admitted that morning, had the surgery on Friday, and discharged on Saturday. The injury would have been much more, and possibly could have cost me my ability to walk again, if I hadn’t been so lucky as to have an EMT respond within seconds.

Please pass on my extreme thanks, wishing Darrell, and his family the best of the season, and thank you for your fast acting, and kind personnel.

Happy safe new year


On December 16th, 2015, I was coming home from my shift at the airport. It was 2:33 a.m. when I heard thump, thump, thump because of the dreaded flat tire scenario! I was headed south on Deerfoot Trail, just before the South Stoney Trail turnoff when I pulled over. What a cold night, – 17C degrees, it was!

So, who do you call in the wee hours of the morning? My husband was the lucky one who I woke from his deep sleep. He got up and headed out to find a jack and a tire and whatever other tools he thought he might need. We live in the country east of Okotoks about 27 km south of Calgary. In the meantime, two of your big snowplow trucks drove by me. About 20 minutes later, one of them came back around and pulled up behind me. I had been waiting about 1/2 hour when this happened. It was Jamie, who came to my window and asked me what I was doing there. ‘Flat tire’ was my reply and told him my husband should be on his way. Jamie said he didn’t want me sitting out on the road and that he would change the tire. I said I could wait until my husband came, but he said, no, we need to get you off the road and out of the cold.

Jamie was polite, concerned, humble, efficient, and determined. We opened the back hatch and he started looking for all the equipment necessary for a tire change. He pulled the side panels off the inside to find the jack. Then he had quite a time finding the factory ‘donut’ tire. We looked for about 15 minutes and then got out the manuel to find it behind the front passenger seat. Even when we knew where it was supposed to be it was hard to find. The lug nuts were hard to get off because they had just been tightened by machine when we put on the winter tire not long before. It was cold!

Jamie did this without a complaint, without swearing, working steadily and doing a great job of the tire change. His hands were cold and he had to get down in the snow. He showed kindness and concern. When we were all finished he said he would follow me to the Okotoks overpass, which is where your service territory ends to make sure I was safe driving with the donut that seemed a little wimpy. He suggested I drive slower than the recommended 50 km/hr. I appreciated him following and he plowed the edges of the road as he followed me. When we got to the overpass, my husband was there to meet us. Jamie headed off the ramp to come around and head north and I continued south on #2 Hwy.

Jamie rolled down his window and gave me a big wave and I waved back.

I cannot express enough how thankful I was for Jamie to do a very wonderful act of kindness for the lady stranded on the side of Deerfoot Trail in the middle of a very cold night. I could not have changed the tire myself and I was not very comfortable about sitting on the side of the road. It is a very vulnerable feeling. It is one of those situations that you have no control over at the time and you wish you weren’t in the situation in the first place.>

Jamie needs a big hug, a pat on the back, a pile of Tim’s cards, a pay raise, a Christmas bonus, and a giant thank you!

You have a very great employee who did something for someone that he didn’t have to, but it made my day!

Jamie went above and beyond the call of duty to keep the road safe. . . for me!

I thank your company for hiring such a great guy. You should keep him! Not only does he keep the highways clean of snow, but he has amazing character to go with his skill.

With gratefulness for the rescue.


Thank you to the gentleman who helped me after I blew out a tire on my way home on November 11. I was driving home from a meeting in Maple Ridge in the afternoon, and as I turned off Hwy 17 and onto Hwy 99, I missed a large rock and it clipped my tire. As soon as it hit, I know it would blow out the tire, and it did. I sighed, pulled over and proceeded to call family for assistance.

While I was organizing someone coming to meet me, one of your trucks pulled up behind me. The driver got out, ask if I had a spare (I did), and offered to swap my useless tire for the spare. He not only changed the tire, but did so without the crank for the jack by using a screwdriver, and explained to me how to do it myself if it happened again.

While I understand that helping me was possibly part of his job, he made me feel like he was willing to go the extra mile for me, and certainly made an unfortunate situation far more bearable.

Thank you, and I will certainly continue to support having people patrol the area so others don’t end up stranded like I could have been.


My family were stuck in the backed up traffic on the south end of the accident last night, with 2 toddlers and a 10 year old, it was one of the first times that I have left my 12 year old alone at home in Mill Bay, so to say the least we were panicked as he has never been left alone at night and being the end of the month with our move, the services were turned off.

One of your staff, a gentleman named Jesse, pulled us over to wait rather then making us turn around, he was thoughtful providing water for our children and sympathizing with our situation, calming my panicking mother reaction.

He went above and beyond to try and help even allowing us to drive back to town leaving our other children with a babysitter and return to our place in line to wait to get through the accident scene. I can not tell you how helpful and rare his behaviour & actions were. It was very much appreciated. We did not get a chance to thank him, I hope that you will pass this along.


I am sending this email in recognition of one of your staff members, Darryl, who came to my rescue on Friday March 27th at around 5:30pm. I had experienced a flat tire on Southbound Hwy 99 approaching the George Massey tunnel and was waiting on the shoulder for BCAA roadside assistance to respond, which I had been told would take an hour or more. I have never had a flat before, let alone on the side of an extremely busy highway at rush hour. I was extremely nervous sitting alone stranded on the shoulder with traffic passing by in very close proximity and at high speeds.

Darryl stopped to check on me and when he saw how distressed I was, he found out how long the tow truck was going to take and took it upon himself to change my tire. He even provided escort to the nearest gas station to ensure that the spare was properly inflated before leaving.

He was extremely kind and sympathetic to my situation and I was so very appreciative that he stopped to check on me and even more grateful that he personally helped to get my car mobile again.

So thank you Darryl and Mainroad. I hope to never need your services again but feel so much better knowing that you are on the roads and willing to help.


We apologize for the late email and that we didn’t get this gentleman’s name!

We would like to thank an employee of Mainroad for his kind, thoughtful and courteous gesture a couple of weeks ago.

It was around 8pm on a wild, wet and windy night when my daughter ran out of gas near Potage Inlet. We were sitting at the side of the road trying to call Nissan Road Assistance when our ‘Knight in Shining Armour’ pulled up behind us with flashing lights!! He quickly assessed the situation, offered to put gas in my daughter’s car and drove off! We offered to pay for the gas to which he said no. So we offered to buy him a coffee…but he refused saying “I’m just doing my job!” What a true gentleman and an asset to your company!

Again thank you for your assistance!!

Barb & Janine

Id like to pass on my sincere thanks and express my gratitude to one of your employees for the incredible assistance I received.

His name was Wayne. He was passing by in a Mainroad truck when I had just had an accident and my car was disabled at the side of the road.

My front wheel was smashed after hitting the curb at Hwy 17 and Hwy 91 intersection.

Wayne immediately pulled over and placed his truck behind my car in such a way that i was protected from vehicles coming up behind me. It was on a curve and heavy trucks come around at high speed. He placed the trucks hazard lights on then he basically changed my tire for me. I didn’t do anything. I am able to do it myself but as I was in dress pants and he instantly just did it. After that he waited until I was up and running before he resumed his work duties.

I would have been at some risk of injury or someone else hitting my car had it not been for Wayne. He spent about half an hour helping me out of a jam and saving me tow expenses and the Cop’s time from coming out to warn other motorists that I was stuck there.

I could have changed the tire myself but would have been there all day trying to get the spare organized as it was fastened underneath using some bolting system I had never seen before.

I wish to thank Wayne who made your company look really good! What a super nice guy who did a super nice thing for a complete stranger.


If there were more people like that in the world it would be a much better place.



I just wanted to let you know about what a great job one of your staff did yesterday. My car broke down just east of the Willingdon overpass (about 4:30pm Sept 21, 2014 ), I was on my way home from my daughter’s soccer game. I had my daughter and one of her friends in the car.

I was pulled off to the left of the HOV lane. Your staff member came up behind my car and protected it from the traffic. He lent me a wrench to disconnect the battery in an effort to reset the ECU, unfortunately that didn’t solve the problem. He was calm, resourceful and very helpful.

My daughter and her friend were late for work so your staff member took them over to the McDonalds at Willingdon while I waited for the tow truck. My wife was able to safely pick up the girls and get them sorted out. Your staff member then came back and helped me until the tow truck arrived.

I wish I had his name but I just wanted to let you know how grateful I was for the help/service he provided. It made a stressful and dangerous situation much easier and safer.

I now have a much greater appreciation for the job your company is doing on our highways.

Hopefully you can identify the individual and pass on my appreciation.


I just wanted to give a huge thank you to Orlando and your company. I had a flat tire on Highway 1 last Wednesday near Exit 58 West Bound. I was changing the tire with the spare on the shoulder but was very worried since the cars were passing by so fast.

Mr. Orlando stopped his truck and blocked the cars for the lane to be safe for us as well as other cars that were passing by. Not only that, he offered to help us to change the tire and lend his tools so we could change the tire safe and fast.

I offered him little money to show my gratitude which he refused and said he was glad to help. During the horrifying experience what he showed and offered was a delight. I just wanted to show him how much I appreciated his help and tell your company you have a wonderful worker who represents the good quality of your company.

Please give my appreciation and gratitude to Orlando again.


Back in early August, TI Corp. gave Mainroad the go ahead to modify/install twenty-one guide signs as part of the City of Coquitlam Guide Sign Revisions, on a very aggressive schedule. Mainroad staff jumped straight into the challenge, and diligently started working on the assignment right away.  Through excellent planning and hard work, Mainroad was able to coordinate the fabrication and installation of all twenty-one guide signs by this morning, which I think exceeds the expectations of all stakeholders involved.  Great work.

Would also like to thank KF staff for their utmost cooperation. The bulk of these signs required lane closures and/or detours, which were always reviewed by KF to ensure there were no conflicts with their work, always keeping safety as the number one priority.

Many thanks to all involved.

Jeff Van Eerenbeemt

EIT, Project Engineer, Port Mann Improvement Project

I had the unfortunate circumstance of blowing a tire on Hwy 91 last Friday and the equally unfortunate challenge of trying to change a tire on a very narrow shoulder with heavy volumes of traffic speeding by.  I was not confident I could do this safely so called for a tow truck.

Before the tow truck arrived, I was very excited to see a Mainroad truck stop and pull over to offer assistance.  Wayne was the driver and he was a huge help in assisting me safely.  He positioned his vehicle to protect the work site and enthusiastically provided great assistance, remaining until the tow truck arrived and had completed the repair.

I am very appreciative for the assistance that Wayne provide me that day.  He was a very impressive ambassador of Mainroad.  I wanted to share this with you in hopes that you might share my appreciation with him and perhaps, he may receive some measure of recognition from Mainroad.


Have just come back from a trip to Vancouver with our 40 foot motorhome and tow car and I have to express my gratitude for the extraordinary help given me by your employee.  I made a very foolish mistake.  My plan was to overnight at Dogwood RV Park and was told by them to take Exit 48, the last exit before crossing the Port Mann Bridge so I passed the fifties and was watching for the exit as I started down the Highway I saw an exit and turned in only to find I was in your work yard with no exit and could not turn around. Just picture me an 89 year old not knowing what to do and very frustrated, the time was around 7pm.  Fortunately, along came by your employee who helped me turn the vehicles around and assured me he would get me out of there.  By the way, my tow car had a dead battery so he phoned Lordco automotive so I could get a new battery, but with me a total stranger to the area and a busy Friday night not knowing how to get there your employee said “follow me” and took me right to the door.  What a guy!

You have no Idea what that meant to me and my wife to have someone help out to that extent, we were so very  grateful for the patience and willingness to help that he gave us, Above and Beyond as the saying goes.  We thought you should know what a great employee you have working for you.

Please pass this on so he is aware of our feelings and the help he gave us. Thank you


It is not often enough that customers provide recognition for some aspect of outstanding service. I would like to take this opportunity to point out the incredible service the Evergreen Line has received from your Mr. Kelly Kopp and Mr. Rob Moller.

You may be aware of the substantial sign program that myself and Project Manager, Jennifer Locke, have undertaken on behalf of the Evergreen Line Rapid Transit Project in Burnaby, Port Moody and Coquitlam. As in most major Projects, signage, both Provincial and Federal, can be extremely challenging, in terms of planning and of course during the installation phase. The Evergreen Line Project has been no exception. Numerous stop and go’s, changes in sign locations, event times, and the myriad of details that go along with these can be frustrating and can cause all sorts of scheduling issues. Kelly, Rob and the rest of the Mainroad sign crew have taken on all of these challenges with goodwill, humour and a willingness to help. You should be proud of these quality individuals and how they reflect on your company. On behalf of the Evergreen Line Rapid Transit Project team, and particularly on behalf of Jennifer and myself, thank you!

Tracy Cooper & Jennifer Locke

Project Managers, Evergreen Line

On Saturday, January 13th at approximately 9:00 pm, I contacted Mainroad Contracting (South Island Division) by telephone and spoke with an operator by the name of Sandy.  I reported that the road I live on in Youbou was a solid sheet of ice thereby creating a hazard for emergency vehicles and residents alike.  Sandy was responsive to my concerns and stated that she would contact the proper people to deal with the problem.  It appears that a natural spring, broken pipe, or perhaps hydraulic pressure prevalent in the area, was pushing water up through concrete slabs poured many years ago to create a driveway thus creating the icy hazard on the steepest hill in our town.  When I hung up the phone, I stated to my wife that I was pretty sure my call would be ignored or pushed to the back burner and probably nothing would be done about the hazard.

On Sunday morning, I walked to the crest of the icy hill and was surprised to discover that at some point from my call to Mainroad and this morning, Mainroad had responded and obviously taken a considerable amount of time and resources to minimize the risk of this hill.  The contractor laid a ten foot long asphalt barrier across the driveway, repositioned sandbags, dug a bypass trench, and salted and sanded the icy portion of the hill.  I must admit I was somewhat shocked to see the efforts taken to solve my, and all of my neighbours problem.  Although a temporary solution, Mainroad South Island Contracting employees, from my initial call to Sandy, to whomever received the information about this hazard and actually drove out to look at the problem and then carry out repairs, deserve a well earned thank you for a job well done.

Obviously Mainroad Contracting is a professional company who takes what they do seriously and employs people to reflect that attitude.  Well done and thank you.


Good afternoon, I wanted to take the time to send out a huge thank you to the gentlemen by the name of Orlando.  On Friday, October 19th, while travelling to Powell River on Highway 1 East bound unfortunately our vehicle broke down just before the Exit 58 turn off to 200th Street in Langley.  We were a full van load of seven people, including myself, my husband, and five children.  The tow truck was able to come quickly to take our vehicle off the road (my husband went with the tow truck) but that meant now that the six of us were left without any sort of protection from the road.

Orlando arrived very quickly on the scene to assist us.  He was so very polite to us and said he would stay to assist us until our taxi arrived.  Unfortunately, we ended up waiting over an hour and twenty minutes.

Throughout his time, Orlando offered to warm the kids up in his truck.  He even assisted me with speaking to the taxi company when they were not able to locate us.  To top it all off, he assisted us with taking one of the kids to the car repair shop as the taxi could not hold us all and he wanted to make sure we all safely got off the highway.

The short of this email is that I was so overly thrilled with the service he provided myself and my children.  He really gave us all a sense of security.  As I thanked him he said “this is what I get paid for”, but in fact the job he did is what he gets paid for but he put WAY more into his job with the customer service and compassion he added in.

Please take a moment to thank him ever so much again for his help, his customer service will not be forgotten.


This letter is to acknowledge and thank the Mainroad Group for their continued support of the Commercial Vehicle Safety & Enforcement Branch, in particular during a recent taxi compliance check conducted February 21st and 22nd, 2012. I would like to specifically thank Mr Jason Taylor for assisting our team, by providing a professional, safe and secure facility for our officers to efficiently and discreetly conduct our inspections, in particular in light of the poor weather conditions and strict timelines our team was faced with.

Mainroad’s support has saved CVSE and the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure valuable time and resources by enabling a one-stop site for this investigation; not only reducing man-hours but vehicle-hours as well and restricting the environmental impact by enabling us to keep our patrol vehicles at a single location and not be forced to travel throughout the Lower Mainland tracking down the targeted vehicles.

Again, thank you for our support. Once again Mainroad Lower Mainland Contracting has delivered the consistent and professional service we’ve come to expect and look forward to our continued partnership in providing a safe, reliable and efficient transportation network across the Lower Mainland and beyond.

Cole Delisle

Asst. Regional Manager | South Coast Region, Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a great partner in road safety. This year’s Delta Commercial Vehicle Check was a great success in part to you proactively meeting our needs. We spoke only briefly a few weeks leading up to the event about potential road signage for commercial vehicles, the fact tha tyou took the initiative to have the Hwy 91 pullout swept, flushed and ready for road check is greatly appreciated and far exceeded last year’s standards. The actions taken by your team created a safe work environment for all the law enforcement personnel in attendance as well as the general public.

Thank you for going above and beyond and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Steven Bauer

CTEO Supervisor Delta/Richmond, Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement

Thank you to the North Cowichan, Duncan and area crews – I just wanted to make sure that a thank you was said for the work that your crews have done during this lovely episode of winter that we’ve experienced.  I am in the Cowichan Valley and have to say that I really appreciate the professional service that your crews have provided over the past week or so (and pretty much always).  I can count on the road being sanded or salted as appropriate, I can count on the snow being plowed in a reasonable time frame (I’m not on a main road).  I know that when I get to the main arterial roads they will be as good as condition as the weather severity allows.  I can nearly set my watch on non-snow days (just sand/salt days) as to when the truck will pass my house in the morning, and I really like that.  So this is a shout out to managers, crews, the ones out on the roads, and in the yards making sure all runs smoothly.  This is to those of you in the office that field our calls in a pleasant and professional manner when we’re unreasonable.  Thank you for all of your work!


Thank you for allowing the 2010 Piledriver/Bridgeworker Apprenticeship Class visit to the Mainroad Contracting Yard and visit the different structures with Ben (Bruce) Bose.

With your support and the help of Ben the field trip was a great success and a valuable learning opportunity for the apprentices.

The Apprenticeship Program is fortunate that Mainroad Contracting Ltd. and the managers such as you are willing to allocate the time and resources to participate in the training of the future tradespeople.

Please pass on our thanks to Ben (Bruce) Bose for taking time out of his busy day to help with the field trip. The year 2010 Apprentices wish you the best and appreciate the opportunity to have visited Mainroad Contracting Yard and the structures that they maintain.

Ray Heaton & Darrell Hawk

Pile Driving Instructor & Chair, Local 2404 JAtC

The Olympic Games were an outstanding success, and Canadians can be justifiably proud. I would like to extend my gratitude, on behalf of the Ministry of Transporation and Infrastructure, for the exemplary contribution you made to the Games.

You provided valuable field knowledge and expertise for our Whistler and Burrard Crossing traffic management plans and participated in contingency planning and management for critical areas like the Lions Gate and Iron Workers’ Memorial Bridges. I want all of you to know how much this ministry appreciates the professionalism, collaborative spirit and dedication you brought to the Games. I was especially impressed with your unbelievably quick response in upgrading the way finding signage and line painting from Function Junction through to Whistler Village, which provided positive guidance to VANOC operations.

Transportation planning and management during these Games has been internationally recognized, and your performance was instrumental in making that impression on the world. The ministry truly appreciates your participation.

Mike Proudfoot

Assistant Deputy Minister | Highways Department , Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure