Employee Testimonials

“Mainroad promotes from within, instead of looking outwards. I feel like if I hold up my end of the bargain such as getting my education, they’ll be more than open to promoting me with the right fit.”

Operations Manager

“I think integrity and honesty is why we’re so successful. We all have roles to play. Whether you’re the president, the general manager, the operations guy or the person who drives the truck, everyone is as important as anybody else.”

General Manager

“Investing in the company was definitely something that attracted me to work for Mainroad. I could see the results of that investment and of my work at the same time, directly in my pocket. If I work hard, I’m rewarded.”

Operations Manager

“We have a bunch of good guys here, no one is looking out for just themselves, and you’ll find that with the other Mainroad companies as well.”


“The work here is really interesting and diverse. There’s always something new to learn and lots of different equipment to work on.”

Heavy Duty Mechanic Apprentice

“Mainroad tries to utilise the skills you bring to your role. If you have a skillset that will work on/for the job, even if the position didn’t call or ask for it, the company will see how you can use those skills in your role.”


“Mainroad is very business and growth oriented but the environment is very friendly and comfortable at the same time. There’s also the option for employee ownership, which is great.”


“We aren’t scared to be innovative, especially in terms of safety which has changed dramatically in the last five years.”

Corporate Compliance Manager

“On the contracting side it’s about the end result that we can achieve. Whether it’s putting pipe in the ground or working on a bridge structure, whatever we do, we have a lot of passion for it because the end result is important.”

Construction Superintendent

“Mainroad’s greatest strength is employee ownership. It really creates pride across board, and is evident every day. The company is always changing and growing and diversifying, which makes it an engaging and exciting place to work.”

Branch Manager

“Working at Mainroad is certainly a challenge, but also rewarding and fun. Our employee retention rate is very high. Once people join Mainroad, they don’t want to leave.”

Vice President, Operations

“As a Co-op student that has completed two co-op terms at Mainroad, I have nothing but positive things to say about the company. I learned more than I expected and the relationships and experience I have gained is something I will cherish throughout my career.”

Business Co-Op from Kwantlen Polytechnic University

“My experience at Mainroad has been nothing but positive. In a short period of time I’ve had a chance to meet many different people in many different positions. I’ve appreciated the type of atmosphere that is created to ensure operations run seamless.”

Road Manager

“During my two and a half years at Mainroad, I have enjoyed a diverse mix of challenging projects – every day is different. I’m working with a very dynamic leadership team that are collaborative and understand that change is important to grow and drive the business forward. I’m proud to be an owner of this company.”

Communication Specialist

“We’re open to doing so many new things; from communication best practices to environmental standards. Always room for change at Mainroad.”

Corporate Safety Advisor

“I feel very supported at Mainroad, by both my team and my managers. Everyone is very approachable, the company is always willing to train me in areas I need help in and I really like the work itself.”

Accounts Payable & Receivable Administrator

“Raylec Power has been with the Mainroad Group for well over a year now…there is a real emphasis on safety here, we all watch each other’s backs.”


“The company is creating more operating companies and diversifying their products and services while still keeping to maintenance services as the core. It’s really smart and the continued expansion is exciting especially to different provinces.”


“When you’re an owner and you start thinking like an owner, you start treating that truck like it’s your own. I think a lot of people feel like that with what they do here.”

Heavy Duty Mechanic

“There is the potential for growth. Especially as we expand with more companies. I would absolutely recommend Mainroad as a business or employee opportunity.”

Payroll Administrator

“There’s a lot to be gained by the people who work here. There’s a lot of education and experience that can be gleaned from the people you work alongside of.”

Operations Assistant

“Within the Mainroad Group, the atmosphere is always changing, there’s always room for advancement and we’re always growing.”

Quality Assistant

“For a young person coming to the Mainroad Group, it must be exciting. The old guard is leaving and the new guys have boundless opportunities.”

General Manager

“Because we’re an employee owned company, even though we’re quite large we still very much have the small, family run culture.”

Quality Manager

“For myself, it is the best company that I’ve had the privilege to work with and the people are a big part of that. Everyone here works really well and hard and we all aim to always make things better.”

Quality Assistant

“What attracted me to Mainroad in the first place was the diversity of what they’re involved in. Since being here, it’s obvious that we’re constantly interested in growing, and where different avenues are. There’s lots of opportunities for different roles, even outside of the Lower Mainland.”

Operations Manager

“It’s not a regular 9-5 where you go in then check out. You want to make sure that at the end of the day what you did that day made the roads a better, safer place.”

Road Manager

“There’s always opportunities. The company has grown so much and it’s a challenge getting people to take the opportunities.”

Bridge & Project Manager

“Mainroad promotes quality, we promote safety, and we promote teamwork. The number one priority isn’t just profits. We align their culture and their goals. If we reach them, then we get to our profit.”

Operations Manager

“If you wanted to stay in one particular department or area, I think that you can stay in that area and continue to learn and grow because of the different things that we do. With our growth and expansion in different provinces and industry there is definitely room to grow and learn.”

Vice President, Human Resources

“I completed my second co-op with the Mainroad Group. They were constantly giving me projects to challenge me. I was never bored and very rarely had clerical work to do. Great environment, lots of real world experience and they hold high expectations for their co-ops.”

Business Co-Op from Kwantlen Polytechnic University

“What attracted me to Mainroad in the first place was the diversity of what they’re involved in. Since being here, it’s obvious that we’re constantly interested in growing, and where different avenues are. There’s lots of opportunities for different roles, even outside of the Lower Mainland.”

Operations Manager

“Now that I am more involved with the safety program, I am appreciating the fact that Mainroad has such high standards with constant improvement in regards to safety and quality.”

Operations Assistant

“It’s difficult to explain the culture here. We’re really close knit, especially the people that I work with directly.”

Payroll Administrator

“Being able to purchase shares, especially for a young person like myself, is a very exciting part of becoming a Mainroad Employee.”

Business Development Manager

“I couldn’t have asked for a better first co-op placement. What really stood out for me was the culture and the people at Mainroad; they made the workplace a fun and enjoyable place to be, but also made sure my time at Mainroad was a valuable learning experience.”

KPU Co-op Human Resources/Communications Student

“The people are what make Mainroad such a great place to work. There is a culture of pride and caring, in what we do, and for each other.”

Human Resources Generalist

“I couldn’t have asked for a better company to be placed with during my co-op work terms here at Mainroad. The employees treat you like family and every day is new and exciting. It will be sad leaving such a positive atmosphere but I’m grateful for the skills I’ve developed in this position and the challenges I’ve experienced that pushed me to reach my full potential. Thank you Mainroad!”

Julie Ann
KPU Co-op Marketing Student

“In my short time with Mainroad I have appreciated the professional team environment. It is encouraging to feel valued for my role in the payroll department.”

Payroll Administrator

“I’m so grateful for my work-term at Mainroad Group. I came into the company looking to explore a potential career path to pursue but I got so much more than that. I had the opportunity to work on projects that helped me reach my academic goals, collaborate with other employees, and meet amazing people. I’m very sad to leave, but I’m taking such valuable skills with me!”

KPU Marketing Program Student