Cone Zone Experience returns to the Cloverdale Rodeo!

Join us for a Super Fun roadside safety activity for the whole family at the Cloverdale Rodeo May Long Weekend | May 19-22, 2017.

The Cone Zone Experience is led by Bob Nielsen, Mainroad Group’s Director of Corporate Compliance and the brainchild behind this annual event targeting future drivers.  “Safety awareness is exciting and we want to create an environment for young people that is interesting and engaging.  The reason for the focus on children is that they are the next generation to be driving.  At the same time we know that parents want to do the right thing.  If their children are mentioning some of our key messages; Cone Zone or Slow Down, good driving habits will be formed and parents may become more conscious of their own driving.”

“We want to drive home the message that people need to slow down when approaching a cone zone, pay attention, and be respectful to flag personnel controlling the work zone and all roadside workers,” says Bob Nielsen.

There will be many visual demonstrations about road safety including the Slow Down Move Over regulation protecting roadside workers.

Slow Down Move Over

For more information about Cone Zone BC and access to a new roadside safety toolkit for Employers, Supervisors and Workers please visit

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