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ICBC offers tips to help adjust to the time change

Daylight Saving Time March 11, 2012

ICBC offers  tips to help adjust to the time change:

    ~ If   you make an effort to adapt to the time change then it can really pay off. Plan   to get to bed earlier on Saturday evening and go to bed at your regular time on   Sunday to be ready for the Monday morning commute.

~ Be   aware of how your own body adapts to the time change and how that may affect   your ability to concentrate and avoid hazards. Studies have shown that time   changes can have an impact on the quality of our sleep due to more nighttime   restlessness.

 ~ After   many weeks of earlier sunrises, now’s the time to plan ahead for some darker   morning commutes, particularly as we can expect more vulnerable road users – cyclists   and pedestrians – on the road.

~ Prepare   your vehicle for the change in conditions, particularly the darker morning   commutes. Clean your vehicle’s headlights and check they are all working   properly, especially your rear lights.

~ Get   some good sleep this weekend and drive smart.

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