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There’s a permanent fix for potholes.

Mainroad Pothole Patching with EZ Street AsphaltCity crews are hitting the streets across the country to patch and repair potholes.

During freezing cold weather, Municipal crews tend to use a temporary patch product until traditional hot asphalt is available.  EZ Street Cold Asphalt can be applied cold and is a permanent solution to fix a problem pothole now and quickly without a return visit.

While the freeze-thaw cycle war is on, road managers can get ahead of the thousands of potholes in their backlog simply by using EZ Street Asphalt. Whether it’s raining or freezing temperatures to -18C, road maintenance crews can patch a water filled pothole or repair a broken water pipe line instantly and permanently. 

The best remedy to relieve the financial headache of pothole season is to patch once with EZ Street Asphalt.  Mainroad Maintenance Products continues to challenge the industry with new asphalt and pavement solutions such as EZ Street Cold Asphalt helping crews keep the roads safe and smooth without breaking the bank.