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Pothole repair and maintenance is a 24/7 effort in the Lower Mainland

We understand driver frustration when potholes form in the Lower Mainland Service Area and particularly on BC Hwy 1 and the Massey Tunnel.  With highways as busy as they are in the Lower Mainland, potholes can form very quickly.

Pothole repair and maintenance is a 24/7 effort – Mainroad crews aim to complete the bulk of this work during off peak traffic periods however depending on where the pothole is located, it may need to be filled during busy traffic hours.  For example, a pothole that’s in the travel path of a main highway gets priority over those on the shoulder or on a low volume road. The size of the hole also plays a factor, with larger ones having priority over smaller ones.

The best time to fill potholes is when the weather is warm and dry. But when a pothole poses a safety issue, we can’t wait for ideal weather or off-peak traffic periods.  Cold and wet conditions combined with high traffic volumes can often result in a pothole needing a repair again shortly after it was filled and sometimes that could be as often as 3-4 times daily.

Once the weather improves, a more permanent fix can be made.  In the meantime, we’re chasing weather and windows of time to complete repairs as quickly and safely as possible.  A reminder to please slow down and watch for crews working on the highways.

We value reports from the public as potholes can appear quickly, and the more eyes we have on the road, the faster we can find out about possible problems. If you see a pothole during your travels, please report it to Mainroad’s 24 hour hotline
at 604-271-0337.