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Winning the war against potholes

Surrey, BC, March 25, 2014 – After the long, harsh winter season, city pothole patching crews are hitting the streets across the country to battle the war against potholes.

During wintry like weather, crews may be utilizing a temporary cold patch product until weather conditions improve and traditional hot asphalt is available.  What municipal crews might not know is that EZ Street Asphalt can fix the problem now.

EZ Street has been performing paving applications in different parts of Canada over the past five years proving that a cold asphalt product can and does outperform regular hot asphalt.  Don’t take our word for it, check out EZ Street’s Case Studies including photos, video and progress updates one and two years after installation.

While it feels like potholes are taking over, crews can get ahead of road repairs.  When it’s raining or even freezing temperatures to -18C, EZ Street can patch a water filled pothole or repair a utility cut and instantly create a traffic ready surface.

The depths of winter are no contest for EZ Street.  We challenge the industry to explore new resurface technologies like EZ Street that are long term solutions with a cost benefit rather than settling for a temporary patch fix.

The best remedy to relieve the financial headache of pothole season is to patch once with
EZ Street.

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