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Celebrate Summer | Live Safely

ICBC warns against driving drowsy this long weekend ~ Tips to plan ahead, know the signs, take turns at the wheel.

Here’s a few more helpful tips to celebrate summer, live safely and prepare your vehicle for the long weekend drive…

  1. It’s worth repeating…know before you go—visit
  2. Check your vehicle’s fluid levels.
  3. Make sure the spark plugs and air filter are in working order for ideal gas mileage.
  4. Ensure the tires are not worn and are well aligned.
  5. Have the brakes inspected.
  6. Check the cooling system, ensuring the radiator is in ideal working condition and that hoses and belts are healthy.
  7. Be prepared for problems. Bring a quality spare tire and the necessary tools for changing a flat. Carry an extra bottle of water for the radiator, and make certain you have a well-functioning flashlight. Speaking of unexpected mishaps, getting roadside assistance coverage could ease the stress of going on a long road trip. The basic packages often offer services such as towing, tire repair, battery boosts, fuel delivery and locksmith help.
  8. Celebrate summer – but plan ahead for a safe ride home when alcohol’s part of the mix.

Mainroad Group wishes you and your family a safe and happy long weekend. This summer is a scorcher. Slip on a hat, slop on some sunscreen, stay cool and don’t forget to pack some bottled water wherever you go!