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Pick up some Safety Tips for this Labour Day long weekend.

ICBC warns drivers that Labour Day long weekend is a dangerous time on B.C. roads

With the last long weekend of summer around the corner, ICBC is urging drivers to be extra vigilant as Labour Day long weekend is one of the most dangerous weekends to travel on B.C. roads.

About four people die and 560 are injured every Labour Day long weekend from the 1,900 crashes that occur across the province.* The top contributing factors in these crashes are distracted driving, impaired driving and driving in excess of posted speed limits.**

ICBC’s tips:

  • Keep your distance: Allow at least two seconds of following distance in good conditions, and at least three seconds on high-speed roads. Increase your distance when you’re following a large vehicle (it can block your vision) or a motorcycle (it can stop quicker than a car).
  • Get some shut-eye: Make sure to get a good night’s sleep before your trip so that you’re alert behind the wheel. Fatigue slows your reaction time; even a slight decrease in reaction time can greatly increase your risk of crashing especially when travelling at highway speeds.
  • Plan your route: Take some stress out of your road trip by planning your route before leaving the house. Check to view weather and road conditions for major routes throughout B.C. And help yourself by taking rest breaks every 1.5 to 2 hours to avoid driver fatigue.
  • Designate a tech-handler: Program your GPS-device before you head out and ask a passenger to help you navigate and make or receive calls and texts for you so you can stay focused on driving.

Back to school safety
Keep in mind that on Tuesday after the long weekend, it’s Back to School so please pay extra attention around crosswalks, school and playground zones. Police will be closely monitoring speeds in school zones, ensuring that drivers stick to the 30km/h limit. Allow extra time for increased traffic as people return to work or school from summer holidays.