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Be extremely cautious when approaching highway maintenance vehicles.

Winter is here so we’re reminding everyone to please drive safe especially when approaching a highway maintenance vehicle.

When drivers attempt to pass a plow truck, they put themselves, their passengers, the truck operator and the driving public at risk.  Keep a safe distance and always stay alert.  Though you see the plow truck, the plow truck operator might not see you.

    • Snowplows move at much slower speeds than other vehicles.  On the highway, snowplows normally don’t travel faster than 60 km/hr when plowing or spreading winter abrasives.
    • Drivers may not be aware that plows are wide and can extend across the centre line of the highway.
    • On some highways and bridge structures, two or more snow plows may be staggered across multiple lanes with the plow in front pushing snow towards the plows behind. This is an effective way to quickly clear wide areas so we want to remind drivers to stay behind these plowing operations and to not try to pass.
    • Snow plows, salt or sand trucks throw up snow and spray making it difficult to see. Snow plows have limited visibility and plow truck operators cannot see directly behind their trucks.
    • If a snowplow is approaching in oncoming traffic, pull to the right as much as possible and slow down to avoid being hit by winter abrasives. Operators don’t always have a chance to turn down their spinners when vehicles are passing.
    • Please give road maintenance crews room to do their work.

Remember the road surface ahead of the plow hasn’t been plowed yet therefore please slow down and be patient.  The operator will eventually pull over and let you pass safely.  

Please SLOW DOWN, drive to the conditions, and increase the distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you.