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Please slow down for highway crews.

Please slow down for highway crews.  Bridge washing, sweeping, shoulder grading, paving work, and mowing operations are all examples of roadside maintenance activities during the spring and summer season.

When you see red, blue or amber flashing lights, please drive with caution, Slow Down and Move Over to an open lane as soon as it is safe to do so.  It’s the law.

“Roadside work is a hazardous job.  When you see our crews, please drive with extreme care.  Stay alert, minimize distractions, and show respect for crews at work for you.” ~ Andries de Witt, Director of Operations – Maintenance.

We aim to schedule these activities during off-peak traffic periods as much as possible – for updates, check |

See a Road Hazard? Debris?  Give us a call ~ Mainroad’s 24-hour public information hotline.