Go Kart Experience returns to the Cloverdale Rodeo!

The May long weekend marks the return of the Go Kart Experience event at the Cloverdale Rodeo. Join us for a super fun roadside safety activity for the whole family May 18th through the 21st.   The Go Kart Experience is the brainchild of Bob Nielsen, Mainroad Group’s Director of Corporate Compliance. This annual event targets future drivers as well as their parents…

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Please Slow Down and Move Over for all roadside workers

 Did you know that there are two types of road side work sites?

Snow plow safety Do’s and Don’ts

Remaining safe is a joint responsibility.  When you see a snow plow on the road, please proceed with caution. Snow plows are built to remove large volumes of snow and ice and that means we’re packing alot of weight.  Our eyes are on the road, the snow, potential obstacles and dangers – we ask you to be patient.  Give the…

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