EZ Street® Cold Asphalt

your team utilizes EZ Street® Cold Asphalt for paving and road repairs
EZ Street® AsphaltMainroad Maintenance Products is the Canadian distributor for EZ Street® Cold Asphalt. EZ Street® Asphalt is a high performance polymer modified cold asphalt material specially designed to work permanently in situations where regular asphalt or traditional cold mixes fall short. There is a significant reduction in long term maintenance costs when using EZ Street® versus regular asphalt. EZ Street® asphalt works in all weather conditions and performs in temperatures from 18˚c through to 38˚c.

EZ Street Cold Asphalt

EZ Street® works in water, requires no tack coat, does not stick to tires or shoes and will remain in stockpile for up to a year. EZ Street® is a paving and patching solution that can be utilized during any season and is an ideal repair and surfacing material for utility cuts and trench reinstatements. Once EZ Street® is installed, the surface is instantly ready for traffic which makes it an ideal paving solution for large scale projects. EZ Street® is truly hot mix in a bag with a long list of paving benefits.


EZ Street® Asphalt is available in 1 tonne sacks, 22 kg bags, or pallets (56 bags per pallet) and *bulk throughout Canada.


*Available in bulk in some locations.

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