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Cobra Electric Services Ltd.

Cobra Electric Ltd., now known as Cobra Electric Services Ltd. is a full-service traffic management and lighting systems company providing maintenance services to public and private sectors in the B.C. Lower Mainland.

Cobra Electric joined the Mainroad Group December, 2020 complementing synergies with Mainroad’s other electrical businesses, Raylec Power, Raylec Power Alberta, and Mainroad Transtronic Services as well as their business partnerships.

Cobra Electric has been serving municipal, commercial, and industrial clients throughout the Lower Mainland, for 36 years.  The company provides street lighting, traffic and intersection electrical maintenance both on call and annual contract.

Areas of specialization include: 

  • Street Lighting Installation and Maintenance
  • Traffic Signal and Street Lighting Parts
  • Traffic Signal Installation and Maintenance
  • Circular Traffic Loops/Count Stations
  • Movie Lighting Rentals
  • Parking Lot Lighting
  • Pole Painting
  • Seasonal lighting
  • Aerial Banners