Mainroad Lower Mainland Contracting LP

Mainroad Lower Mainland Contracting LP is responsible for the maintenance of British Columbia’s Lower Mainland provincial highways including:

  • Port Mann Bridge/Hwy1 – 1st Avenue to 264th St.
  • Highway 91 and 91A
  • Highway 99: Oak Street Bridge to the US Border
  • Highway 10: Highway 91 to Highway 1
  • Highway 13: Highway 1 to the US Border
  • Highway 15: Highway 1 to the US Border
  • Highway 17: Highway 17A to BC Ferries Causeway
  • Highway 17A: Highway 99 to Highway 17
  • Lougheed Highway: Highway 1 to Ruskin
  • 8th Avenue: Highway 15 to Highway 99
  • Main Arterial Routes at UBC
  • Barnston Island.

Bridges & Tunnels

  • Port Mann Bridge
  • Alex Fraser Bridge
  • Pattullo Bridge / Knight Street Bridge (Translink infrastructure)
  • Oak Street
  • Pitt River Bridge
  • Queensborough Bridge
  • George Massey Tunnel

Note: The South Fraser Perimeter Road is maintained by Mainroad Fraser Maintenance LP

Mainroad is not responsible for plowing within municipal boundaries.

The Lower Mainland is one of the busiest transportation zones in Canada with port facilities; rail and cruise ship lines; one international and three regional airports; ferry, bus and trucking terminals; and US border locations. It is a highly urbanized and rapidly growing region with the highest concentration of people and communities in the province and a magnet for tourism. While the area is generally subject to a mild coastal atmosphere, it can periodically experience severe wind, rain, and snow conditions.

The headquarters and main works yard for Mainroad Lower Mainland Contracting are located in Surrey’s Cloverdale community with supporting facilities in Delta and Langley.

Specific road maintenance challenges include:

  • Communications/traffic monitoring and control
  • Concentrated population base
  • Environmental issues
  • Ferry and port terminals/international border crossings
  • Freeways, major bridges, swing bridges, HOV lanes
  • Heavy and high speed traffic routes
  • Large and diverse stakeholder groups
  • Major bridge structures
  • Traffic control flow operations (bridge and tunnel)
  • Signs

Service Area

The Lower Mainland Service area: 1,525 kilometres of roadway including 626 major structures (e.g. bridges, retaining walls, culverts, and sign structures) and a wide array of signage ranging from a single face on a post to a face on a sign bridge spanning multiple lanes.

Maintenance Activities

  • bridge deck and structural repairs
  • concrete barrier maintenance
  • culvert repairs and rehabilitation
  • drainage control
  • installation of raised pavement markers
  • median cable barrier maintenance
  • mowing of vegetation
  • pavement patching and rehabilitation
  • pedestrian and bike pathways*
  • roadside fence repairs
  • sign cleaning and replacement

*Pathway maintenance includes Nordel Way, Maple Ridge path between 222 and 216th Avenue, bridges noted above as well as area around the Queensborough bridge.  All other pathways in the Lower Mainland are maintained by the local municipality.


Mainroad Lower Mainland Contracting completes a multitude of projects on behalf of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and others for example:

  • Pattullo Bridge deck rehabilitation
  • Whistler Olympic signage and Olympic Rings installation
  • Various multi-plate pipe replacement projects on Hwy 99
  • George Massey Tunnel shut down and counter flow installation
  • Bridge maintenance and repairs for most municipalities within the Lower Mainland
  • Installation of the first cable barrier restraint system in British Columbia

Roadway services available include:

  • Road repairs and rehabilitation
  • Traffic Management (including Special Event and Motion Picture filming)
  • Winter Road Maintenance

With a large and concentrated population in the Lower Mainland and limited access routes, emergency planners have developed a network of roads as disaster response routes. Mainroad’s crews and management staff are designated “first responders” in the case of an earthquake or other disaster in the region and take that added responsibility very seriously.


  • In 2018, Mainroad Lower Mainland Contracting was the Deputy Minister’s Contractor of the Year Award of Excellence in Road and Bridge Maintenance for work in the Lower Mainland service area.
  • In 2016, Mainroad Lower Mainland Contracting was the Deputy Minister’s Contractor of the Year Award of Excellence in safety innovation, for its High Speed Traffic Control Training
  • In 2012, Mainroad Lower Mainland Contracting was the Deputy Minister’s Contractor of the Year Award of Excellence in Road and Bridge Maintenance for work in the Lower Mainland service area.
  • In 2008, Mainroad Lower Mainland Contracting placed 2nd in the Deputy Minister’s Contractor of the Year Award of Excellence for performance excellence.


Mainroad Lower Mainland Contracting LP adheres to:

  • ISO 9001:2015 – Quality management system
  • ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental management system
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 – Occupational Health and Safety


Mainroad Lower Mainland Contracting LP is COR certified by the BC Construction Safety Alliance.

“Your roads — your team, linking communities and families.”

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