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Dust Control operations explained

During the spring and summer season, Mainroad experiences a high volume of calls from Mid and North Vancouver Island residents concerning dust control.  Your questions answered here | Learn how we help to maximize motorist visibility and minimize the impact of dust for highway users and the environment in B.C. Service Area 2 | Mainroad Mid-Island Contracting and Service Area 3 | Mainroad North Island Contracting.  

What is dust control?
Dust control (also known as Dust Suppressant) is a highway maintenance activity Mainroad performs on roads to minimize the effect of dust for road users.  The types of chemicals that are used for dust control are registered on an Approved Products list for highway maintenance in British Columbia.

Why does Mainroad perform dust control?
Mainroad is contracted by the B.C. Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure to perform all types of highway maintenance activities including dust control which helps to maximize motorist visibility and minimize the impact of dust for highway users and the environment.

Why is dust control not applied to the full width of the road?
As mandated by our contract with the Ministry, dust control is applied to no less than 3.5 meters of the width of the road and 1 meter from the shoulder edge.  This is the best environmental practice set by the Ministry on roadways. The width of application is dependent on the road maintenance class as outlined in the Highway Maintenance Specifications.

Why isn’t there a regular dust control maintenance schedule?
Dust control is performed annually on gravel roads during summer months when roads are hot and dry.  Mainroad crews are constantly assessing the effectiveness of dust control to determine if a re-application is needed in consultation with Ministry personnel.  As outlined in the Highway Maintenance Specifications, dust control must be applied on Dirt and Gravel Highways by June 1st of each calendar year unless otherwise stipulated by the Province.

Where can I learn more about Dust Control specifications set by the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure?
Visit B.C. Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure’s website to review the Highway Maintenance Agreement Specifications for Dust Control and Base Stabilization.

Still have questions or would like to report a dust control concern?
We always welcome your feedback ~ Mainroad maintains a 24-hour public information hotline in each of our Service Areas.  All feedback is logged and passed onto the local operation.  Be sure to leave your number to request a call back.

When travelling our beautiful Province, we encourage the public to follow for local road conditions as well as Mainroad’s social media where we regularly update Service Area communities on highway maintenance, road & weather conditions as well as road safety information.  Connect with us on social media!