Mainroad North Island Contracting LP

The Mainroad Operations team are delighted to be returning to Vancouver Island effective September 1, 2018. The headquarters and primary works yard for Mainroad North Island Contracting is located in Cumberland with supporting works yards in Campbell River, Gold River, Port McNeill, Sayward and the Gulf Islands of Quadra, Cortes, Denman and Hornby.

Mainroad North Island Contracting LP is responsible for servicing the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s 10 year contract for Service Area 3 effective September 1, 2018. This service area contains four numbered routes: Highway 19 & Highway 19A connecting the North Island Service Area with the Mid-Island Service Area 2 and at Cook Creek, Highway 28 to Gold River, and Highway 30 to Port Alice.

North Island encompasses the Comox Valley, Campbell River, Port McNeill and Port Hardy, along with the smaller municipalities of Port Alice, Alert Bay, Sayward, Gold River, Tahsis, and Zeballos. We also service the following:

  • Denman Island
  • Hornby Island
  • Quadra Island
  • Cortes Island

The North Island Service Area has approximately 3,474 lane kilometres of maintained road, including approximately 983 lane kilometres of numbered highways, eleven Rest Areas, and 312 Structures, including 194 bridges, 74 major culverts, 33 retaining walls and four tunnels.

Generally, the North Island region experiences mild winters in comparison to the rest of the Province. However, it also features two ski hills: Mount Cain and Mount Washington Alpine Resort (which is home to one of the deepest snow packs in North America). Strathcona Parkway – connecting the Comox Valley to Mount Washington – presents many unique seasonal challenges. Throughout Service Area 3 the climate varies significantly. North Vancouver Island typically sees between 1200mm and 1900mm of precipitation annually, with an average annual daily temperature of around 9 degrees Celsius. The most northern communities on Vancouver Island typically see more extreme weather than the southern communities.

With weather that can fluctuate over short distances and change suddenly depending on the elevation and local terrain, Mainroad frequently monitors weather forecasts and road conditions to prepare equipment and crews well in advance of a weather event.

The company shares the same geographic region as our heavy equipment and civil construction company G&E Contracting LP, Raylec Power LP, SPR Traffic Services LP, as well as salt depots for Mainroad Maintenance Products LP.

Maintenance Activities

  • chip sealing and spray patching
  • ditching
  • grading and dust control
  • highway cleaning
  • major crack sealing
  • mowing of vegetation and landscape maintenance
  • paving
  • roadside barrier repairs
  • sign maintenance
  • various bridge maintenance and inspections
  • winter operations

Quality & Safety

Mainroad Mid Island Contracting LP adheres to:

  • ISO 9001:2015 – Quality management system
  • ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental management system
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 – Occupational Health and Safety

“Your roads — your team, linking communities and families.”