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Mainroad launches updated website to reflect reorganization of its Group of Companies

Peter Ashcroft, President and CEO

Mainroad launches updated website to reflect reorganization of its Group of Companies

Mainroad Group is pleased to announce a reorganization of its operating divisions which historically have been known as Highway Asset Management, Contracting, and Products.  Driven by continued growth and diversification, Mainroad’s business focus is now represented in four key operational areas:

British Columbia Infrastructure Services.  To recognize the true diversification and integration that the company has within highway asset management and construction, this newly formed division will unite all B.C. Highway Maintenance and Construction companies.

Alberta Infrastructure Services.  Alberta continues to be an excellent opportunity for growth.  It presents opportunities to continue to diversify Mainroad Group’s current and future businesses, within Western Canada.

Electrical Infrastructure Services.  To recognize and support growth within the highway electrical environment, all current electrical businesses will now form one focused operating division, reflective of the true nature of this specialized division within B.C. and Alberta.

Infrastructure Products.  Mainroad’s existing product companies will remain under their current business structures. With focused growth on products that integrate within Mainroad’s wide capabilities, the product companies continue to bring great value to the Group’s diversification.

“Following focused growth and diversification over the past five years, we are excited to reorganize our group of companies to recognize these new business streams.  Being a broad-based employee-owned company is at the heart of our culture and inspires our vision to be a leading infrastructure services contractor within Canada.  We look forward to welcoming many more excellent employees as we continue to grow.” Peter Ashcroft, President & CEO.

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