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Welcome to our Video Bank where you can view Mainroad public education videos, road safety campaign messages, and other highway maintenance related content. Some resources are downloadable for media relation purposes while other videos can be shared on your own social media channels. Look for the appropriate link to access this information. If you are seeking specific Mainroad Group B-roll, contact or 604-575-7032.

*Media Please Note: Where possible, please credit: “Mainroad” when publishing photos or videos – much appreciated!


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Highway Maintenance


Mainroad Tour
Five Tonne Single Axle Plow Truck Tour


Mainroad Liquid Anti-Icing Brine Program
Brine vs Granular Salt Common Myths


Mainroad Liquid Anti-Icing Brine Program
What is Anti-Icing Brine and Why Do We Use It?


Safe Winter Highways

Road Safety Campaigns

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