Winter Operations FAQ | Mainroad Lower Mainland Contracting LP

Winter Operations Frequently Asked Questions
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What is the road/highway service area that Mainroad Lower Mainland Contracting is responsible for maintaining?
A. Mainroad is responsible for the maintenance of British Columbia’s Lower Mainland provincial highways and roads including:

  • Port Mann Bridge/Highway 1: Cassiar Tunnel to 264th St.;
  • Highway 91 and 91A
  • Highway 99: Oak Street Bridge to the US Border;
  • Highway 17: Hwy. 17A to BC Ferries Causeway;
  • Highway 17A: Hwy. 99 to Hwy. 17;
  • Lougheed Highway: Hwy. 1 to Ruskin;
  • Highway 10: Hwy. 91 to Hwy. 10
  • Highway 13: Hwy. 1 to the US Border;
  • Highway 15: Hwy. 1 to the US Border;
  • 8th Avenue: Hwy. 15 to Hwy 99;
  • Main Arterial Routes at UBC;
  • Barnston Island.

Note: The South Fraser Perimeter Road is maintained by Mainroad Fraser Maintenance LP. The Port Mann Bridge is maintained by Mainroad Infrastructure Maintenance LP.

Mainroad is not responsible for plowing within municipal boundaries.

Which streets get plowing priority? How often are you plowing and apply the use of salt and winter abrasive?
A. It’s important for everyone to know that Mainroad’s plowing response time is determined by the standards set by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. Priority is given to numbered highways and school bus routes with other roads frequency determined by winter traffic volumes. These frequencies are reviewed annually by the Ministry to ensure that plowing priorities reflect any changes in the road network.

Q. Where can I direct concerns about road conditions to Mainroad Lower Mainland Contracting?
A. We encourage motorists and residents to report all road condition concerns by phone.

Report concerns by phone: 24 hour toll free hotline number: 604-271-0337

Please report accidents, unsafe road conditions and road kill to Mainroad’s 24-hour hotline. This hotline is used to update DriveBC, dispatch additional personnel and record public communication as required.

You can also write us: Email:

We take all concerns raised by the public very seriously and investigate complaints.

Visit DriveBC |

  • For current road conditions
  • For weather forecasts
  • For real-time conditions via webcams

Where can I find news about Mainroad Lower Mainland Contracting
A. Please visit